What to Expect

What to expect from your Reiki session....

Everyone is unique so each individuals experience will be unique to them too. Reiki is a non- invasive healing, which works alongside Western and Eastern medicines. In most cases the least you will feel after a Reiki treatment is relaxed and peaceful.


Before a Reiki session I will do a body scan to pinpoint any areas that I feel may need healing. During my session you will lay down on a massage table (if this is not comfortable than you may wish to sit in a chair). In a Reiki session you will be fully clothed and the healing that takes place is that of the laying of hands on different areas of your body. I follow the positions of your Seven Chakra points. Sometimes I may also intuitively be drawn to additional areas of your body.  Once the front of your body is complete I will then move onto the back of your body. If you find laying on your stomach uncomfortable, you may lay on your side or even sit up. It is more relaxing if you are able to lay down during your session. 

It is important that before and after a session that you drink plenty of water to keep  you hydrated and help your body in absorbing the healing you have received.

*Please note that at this stage I only treat women and children at my Wellington Point Reiki Studio. 

Reiki Treatment