What to Expect

What to expect from your healing sessions....


Reiki Healing:

REI-KI (pronounced Ray - Key) is a system of natural healing which involves the laying of hands. It is believed that the technique was first used by Tibetan Buddhist Monks and was re-discovered over one hundred years ago by Mikao Usui. The Usui System of Reiki is a very simple but powerful healing technique that is easily given and received by anyone. 

Reiki is a holistic healing - it heals on all levels.... Mind, Body and Spirit. 


Everyone is unique so each individuals experience will be unique to them too. Reiki is a non-invasive healing, which works alongside Western and Eastern medicines. In most cases the least you will feel after a Reiki treatment is relaxed and peaceful.


Before a Reiki session I will do a body scan to pinpoint any areas that I feel may need healing. During my session you will lay down on a massage table (if this is not comfortable then you may wish to sit in a chair). In a Reiki session you will be fully clothed and the healing that takes place is that of the laying of hands on different areas of your body.


I will follow the positions of your Seven Chakra points. Sometimes I may also intuitively be drawn to additional areas of your body.  Once the front of your body is complete I will then move onto the back of your body. If you find laying on your stomach uncomfortable, you may lay on your side or even sit up. It is however more relaxing if you are able to lay down during your session. 

Crystal Healing: Crystal Healing like Reiki Healing works on your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. Mind, Body and Soul. Crystals work at a very high vibrational level and interacts directly with a persons energy body. The crystals are used to help remove negative energy from a person and promote harmony and relaxation.   


Like Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing is non-invasive and you are fully clothed when receiving the treatment. Clients will lay face up on the treatment table in a relaxed position. First of all I will undertake a body scan to pinpoint any areas I feel may need healing. Crystals are then laid around or directly onto your body. Some clients have a specific area that they need healing and the crystals chosen for the layout will reflect this. 

Crystal Reiki Healing: When crystals are combined with Reiki healing it is like amplifying the healing to an even higher vibrational level. Each session is bespoke to the individual, using a combination of Reiki healing and specific crystals to treat the needs or intentions of the client.

Chakra Balancing: 

A Chakra Balancing treatment is a lovely way to clear blockages, and to balance any over or under active Chakra points. Our Chakra System is made up of Seven Main Chakras.

Like my other treatments clients will lay face up on the treatment table in a relaxed position. First of all I will undertake a body scan to pinpoint any areas I feel may need healing. I will then use a pendulum and energy healing to release any blockages or imbalances.  


It is important that before and after a session that you drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and help your body in absorbing the healing you have received.

*Please note that at this stage I only treat women, teenagers and children at my Wellington Point Healing Studio. 

Reiki Treatment

Holistic Reiki and Crystal Treatments for Women and Children in Wellington Point, Redlands and Bulimba, Brisbane